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List of Publications

1. M. Fuentes, An upper bound for the number of colorings of connected k-chromatic graphs, in preparation.
2. M. Fuentes, A.A.R. Mahmud, Maximum number of q-colorings of (n, ⌊n^3/27⌋)-graphs for q  2 mod 3,
in preparation.

3. The extremality of 2-partite Turán graphs with respect to the number of colorings, submitted. (arXiv)
4. J. Breen, S. Butler, M. Fuentes, B. Lidický, M. Phillips, A. Riasanovksy, S.Y. Song, R. Villagran, C.  Wiseman, 
  Cedar, and X. Zhang, Xiaohong, Hadamard diagonalizable graphs of order at most 36, submitted. (

Invited Talks

1. The extremality of 2-partite Turán graphs with respect to the number of colorings.    
            Graduate Student Combinatorics Seminar, University of California San Diego, January 2022.      

            Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics Colloquium, Villanova University, November 2021.

2. Maximum number of q-colorings of graphs with fixed numbers of vertices and edges.           

            Discrete Mathematics Seminar, University of Delaware, October 2020.

            Winter Research Symposium, University of Delaware, February 2020.

3. A note on the shameful conjecture.

            Hallenbeck Graduate Student Seminar, University of Delaware, February 2018.

4. Bounds on independent sets of a graph.

            Combinatorics Seminar, Binghamton University, April 2015.

5. Acyclic orientations of bipartite graphs and their linear extensions.

            Combinatorics Seminar, Binghamton University, November 2014.

6. Proper connection of graphs of bipartite circulant graphs.

            Graduate Student Seminar, Binghamton University, April 2014.

            Combinatorics Seminar, Binghamton University, February 2014.

            Student Research Symposium, Montclair State University, April 2013.

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